Props to you

Have courage, like this ledge cat. 


People are effing courageous; are you aware?

I mean everyone.

New teachers could be new to a school or new to teaching, or both. They can slip up a few times the first semester and have only their mentor to aid them. They can walk into a cafeteria and feel some sort of discomfort, but they have to suppress it, because they’re an adult, and walking through a sea of high schoolers, they are already supposed to have their life figured out and gotten over adolescent insecurities.

Except these sort of insecurities don’t magically disappear the day we graduate school.

Props to new teachers, because their lives are currently harder than a new student’s. They are not only alone and unfamiliar in a new setting, but they also govern the lives of dozens of little individuals.

So, props to new teachers.

Hats off to people who face social pressure about what they do or who they are. Props to those who ignore it all, take all of the taunts with a grain of salt, and keep on the path that they are taking. To those that go above and beyond and proudly display their passion or speak freely about it, I salute you. Thank you for not hiding something that is central to your identity, and thank you for letting the ignorant haters ignorantly hate.


To people who feel the seconds ticking down or the window of opportunity slowly closing, congrats on making big moves or taking leaps of faith. Because we all know the despair of regret, of not having said something before it is too late, of having to hold something in and suffer inside.

So, in the off-chance that your big move works out precisely how you want it to work out, embrace that feeling of relief, of finally crossing something off of the list of things that you have been wanting to do for a long time.

The people who put themselves on the line and abandon their insecurities will be the ones moving forward through life, whereas the ones who sit rigid on the sidelines and wait for action to happen to them will remain static.

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