Life as a Recovering Drug Addict


What is caffeine addiction? An addiction to coffee.

Most caffeine addicts won’t answer the question; they’ll deny their addiction the way alcoholics or smoking addicts do, while clutching a cup of coffee with both hands.

My mom thought I was addicted to coffee during the school year; I had a cup every morning, but just didn’t like to go without, otherwise I’d commonly be sleepy and unfocused in class.

That’s not really addiction, is it?

Ever since I started working at a bubble tea shop, I’ve been steadily increasing my daily intake. As someone who is very caffeine sensitive, the side effects soon begin to show, and believe me, they are not pleasant.

Left to fitfully fall asleep around 4 AM, I can very much so feel the last few grams radiate out of my jittery body…and the next morning I have a 10 AM shift, where I gulp down yet another few cups throughout the day, out of boredom.

I only realized it when I noticed how awful of a beating my dark circles were getting.

I think I’ll give it a rest for a few days.

Yes, I’m a little more tired during the days, but it certainly beats the slight paranoia of the caffeine overdoses to which I was previously accustomed. It’s also summertime, which means I get a helluva night’s sleep.

All is well.

To those who down caffeine like it’s no big deal, consider not whether or not to drink coffee, tea, or energy drinks, but rather, how much, and how often. It starts to become routine, and soon you can’t go without it without losing concentration or productivity, and your dependency crosses the line to addiction…be careful!

Once in a while is fine…everyday consumption should raise a few eyebrows, including yours.


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      HEY! I think that’s so so so cool. I just followed! I look forward to whatever nuggets of insight you will offer. If you ever need any help/tips, feel free to email me!!! :)



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