What I Learned From Maintaining a Hate Blog


I was a broken 7th grade with the ability to write, and it made me an awful person. Thinking back, I’m ashamed at what I thought mattered. Life amounted to fashion and friends and things that seem timeless but eventually go out of style or break.

This ended up with me maintaining a hate blog.

It didn’t start as a hate blog; it began as an immature collection of my adolescent thoughts painted with improper spelling and punctuation. It was impulsive and unnecessarily rash.

My stupidity was recorded in hateful blog posts created every once in a while in which I would unjustifiably rant about people in my life in ~800 words or so.

What happened with it? I know you’re curious.

Basically, I forgot it existed, until a girl at school googled her name (that’s right, I used full names) and found it. It was shared with a small class of girls, and one of the girls told me about the discovery.

Needless to say, I. was. mortified. And I deleted it right away.

Then burrowed my head and cried.

Here I was, years later, a changed individual, with the past behind me, and just like that, people had scroll through my troubled middle school years.


Or can I just CTRL-ALT-DEL????

You can’t find it on the internet before. Trust me, I’ve made sure of it.

But the lesson is still painfully engraved into my mind.

I understand that everyone has their bitch periods; mine lasted for a little over a year. But for Christ’s sake, don’t put it on the internet to be immobilized! You’ll be caught at the scene of the crime!

This blog post is messy. I was and am still messy. That hate blog was very dumb. I don’t want to think about it anymore.


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