I’m a Writer, and I’m Proud.

There’s no shame in calling yourself a writer. There’s a difference between that and identifying as a writer, and I also don’t think there’s anything with the latter.

If you don’t call yourself one, how will you ever become one? You have to embody that mindset and personality and then develop a habit. 

I spend approximately an equal time sorting through my thoughts and feelings in private journals (more online than off these days – I regret this and am looking to change this) and writing on this blog. I advertise it sometimes. I used to be afraid to put myself out there, but my philosophy is the following.

Regardless of how you carry yourself and what you do, you’ll always have people who disapprove of you. But you just gotta keep doing what you love and keep yourself open to criticism that makes sense.

I’m a writer. I’ve tried writing in lots of different ways, and so far, most haven’t worked out. I’m talking novels, poems, songs even.

But just because you call yourself a writer doesn’t mean you have to stick to the label. There’s lots of different types of writers, and you don’t have to adhere to stereotypes. There’s a world beyond newspaper columnists and journalists that includes but does not stop at screenwriters and sketch writers.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself, I’m a writer. Writers write. Now stop looking at yourself and go write.

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