Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.

——- says a very thought-provoking quote on tumblr one evening ——-

I believe in second chances, I promise. But I also believe that people are naturally selfish and that few of them actually deserve second chances.

I just don’t know how to calculate who does and who doesn’t. I just know that it’s a lost cause searching for happiness if you lost it at the hands of another person.

We can’t base our happiness in other people! They will inevitably let us down.

Don’t base your happiness in a place. Places change and can get destroyed by weather and people and machines and time.

Don’t try to find happiness in memories, because they are nothing more than just that, memories. They are happiness stuck in the past, recalled through photos and other time stamps. Memories aren’t the future.

The only place you can find happiness is in yourself. You can’t rely on anything else to provide a sustainable, constant source of gratification.

Stay happy!


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  4. Katherine Rebekah

    “The only place that you can find happiness is in yourself.” I totally agree with the post, accept for those words. I can’t even rely on myself. I let myself down too much. I can’t ever make myself happy, because I’m human and I’m fallible, just like every other human out there. Not trying to be annoying here, I just wanted to say, from personal experience, relying on myself for happiness hasn’t paned out so well…


    • catdiggedydog

      Hey namesake! I don’t think you necessarily have to always rely on yourself to be happy. I think that in life there will be instances when other people will make you laugh, surprise you with kind gestures, etc. Humans like ourselves are entirely capable of failure and disappointment, but it’s up to you to motivate yourself when life gets dark, to get up after being thrown down, that sort of deal. Ups and downs are inevitable.

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      • Eman Fatih

        I agree that happiness does not necessarily come entirely from within yourself.
        On this occasion, I would like to examine the definition of happiness.
        Can you be happy on your own, totally isolated from other humans?
        I don’t think so. Humans have a need to share, to involve others, to include people we like and care for.
        So whether you achieved something that is good for your society, that made you happy, or someone did something that made you feel happy, involvement of other humans seems to me necessary.


        • catdiggedydog

          Oh, definitely. But I think there’s a difference between finding happiness from those interactions and depending on them as some form of emotional sustenance. After all, I feel like even the most trustworthy and close friends can, at times, be wild cards. You feel me?


      • nitin david

        Memories are memories.Past is past. I lost my only son recently and we as parents made a documentary on a social cause of wearing a helmet as my son wasn’t wearing one while driving. Today I screen in it in colleges ,schools,corporate and watching it again,deliberately ,visiting the memory lane and then looking at people sensitizing gives us happiness . we dont want to happen with any family.


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