Dancing for 30 Hours Straight

dmI’m excited to announce that I’m participating in one of my school’s longest running traditions, which is also one of the largest all student-run philanthropies in the nation – the Northwestern University Dance Marathon.

On March 6th, I’m gonna dance for 30 hours straight. 

That’s right. Over 1,000 other students will be joining me on the dancefloor for an epic event that’s been in the works for months, a project come to fruition as a result of 400+ students on planning committees.

My goal to support these two foundations is $400, and you can support me quickly, easily, and securely on my page.

Internet, I’m reaching out to you. Will you donate to a really great cause, please?

On my Facebook, I’ve promised to post an embarrassing photo for every $10 donated, as well as a video of me doing the Chubby Bunny Challenge!

The money goes towards Starlight Children’s Foundation and the Evanston Community Foundation. One global, one local.

The first works to make sure that children with critically and chronic illnesses such as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, epilepsy, and leukemia in the greater-Chicago area can have better treatment experiences by building “no white coat” treatment rooms and play lounges in hospitals.

The second is a non-profit dedicated to supporting local Evanston (where my college is based) community organizations.

Most of you have probably never met me in real life. I hope you don’t let that barrier keep you from considering helping me out!


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  2. karmadoc

    OK, I’ve donated… now, I would like you to publish a few dancing picture and a nice full-length picture of you in your dancing outfit. I can remember being involved in these type of dance. Have fun and pace yourself, 30 hours is a long time to be on your feet.

    Good luck!


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