Love at first sight? BS!

source: judithblove

Love at first sight is such bull shit.

My first impressions of people are always inaccurate. I totally misjudge and make assumptions. I just shouldn’t be allowed to do that anymore. I should be required to close my eyes when meeting new people. Anyways…

We don’t accurately judge people that we meet, and even if we did, so what? We’d have them figured out for just a split second, because NEWS FLASH: people change after you initially meet them. In all sorts of ways.

Crazily enough, some people will even mold themselves to adapt to you; they’ll “react to your reactions”, if you will.

Secondly, you will change. Your tastes will change, as will your expectations, your experiences, and your judgments.

You don’t know what you want. You can’t possibly know! If anything, you don’t know what you will want in the future.

I’ve believed in the concept of love in first sight so so so many times, and so so so many times I was so so so wrong. You get the point, right? I was disappointed because my expectations had been set based on the way the sun glint on his hair, the first sentence I heard him speak, the way he looked out the window, as if watching the sun set for the very first time…


I told myself that I’d debate in college, then changed my mind a few months later. Then, I told myself that I’d at least stay involved in the community by judging for a local high school, and now look at me. I haven’t judged in months and I’m more than content with my decision.

This is because I’m now living a life I couldn’t have imagined a year ago, and because I never consider the possibility of drastic life changes when I’m plugging and chugging into the equation of life.

This is why a concept like love at first sight is utter bullshit.

Always be skeptical.

Happy Valentines’ Day, hardy har har.


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