Common questions about my blog, answered

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In which I answer all of your “burning questions”…

Q: How long does it take you to write a post?

A: Some take 15 minutes and some take a month and a half. Sometimes I strategically do free writes, leaving out the revision process, and sometimes I’m lazy and do it unstrategically, but most of the time, I do a couple of edits and read-throughs.

I spent 1 month and 18 days on my Alphabetical Advice to the Soul post.

Q: Where do you get your songs?

My Soundcloud, My Youtube, My Spotify.

And as always, through awesome friends like Maddy and Connor.

Q: Do you ever grow tired of blogging?

All the time. But I always come back to it. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the logistics (following stats, posting regularly) and I take a hiatus. When that happens, I have to remind myself:

I run the blog; the blog does not run me.

But I’ll also have weeks where I’m producing multiple drafts of articles a day. Those are great days. Life gives you lots of motivation to write, in the form of people, places, experiences, and tough lessons.

Q: What’s your stance on copyrighting and plagiarism?

It took me a while to discover that copying people’s artwork and writing is a huge deal here on the blogosphere. For the longest time, I’d take people’s pictures and artwork from the internet (Google Images, tumblr, etc.) and post them to my blog, without attributing them.

I have since learned about this issue, and am attributing every single picture/song/whatever that isn’t mine. I am still deciding how to deal with all of the previous posts where I’ve been ignorant about the issue.

Should I just remove all of the pictures, or attempt to attribute all of them?

Q: What’s your most popular post?

My Favorite Subject is English. People search about “my favorite subject” everyday, and I think that the more hits my post gets, the higher it appears in the search results list. It’s a positive feedback loop!

I’m glad more people are reading about my experience in English, though. It was a great ride for me throughout junior high and high school.

Q: How many hits do you have?

I made my hit count public! It’s on the right side bar. My goal is to get 100k by the end of July.

Q; What advice would you give to people who are interested in blogging?

Two things. First, just dive right in. Get writing, revise, and send a draft to someone. Start a blog for yourself, or post it to someone else’s blog. Or write for a school newspaper. Just start writing! That’s how you start to convince yourself that writing could be for you, more than just a required part of class.

Secondly, create some sort of identity for yourself. This could mean revealing your name, posting a picture of yourself, and telling readers where you’re from, or it could not. It’s all about the content of your blog. How important is it for readers to know what sort of person is writing these articles? You get to decide that.

It just irks me when people leave nothing for readers to grasp, when I’m trying to create a voice in my head for your writing.

Q: What’s the future looking like?

I’m a little addicted to blogging, in the sense that if I go a few days without posting I start to get anxious. It’s mainly about the connection between a writer and her readers, having a discussion, being supportive of each other’s writing.

I have no intention of stopping! Full speed ahead, with higher quality writing, more interviews, and more poetry.

Any other questions? Comment down below!

I went to a Cashmere Cat concert last night, and it was amazing!


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