Quick life update!

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I saw Yo-Yo Ma perform last week, am officially on spring break, and am spending the week on a service trip in Colorado, but have to leave my laptop at home.

(more details about Yo-Yo Ma and the service coming!)

My school just finished its winter quarter, and I’m super excited for this amazing spring break opportunity, but since I won’t have access to a computer, everything that shows up here this week had to be prepared ahead of time!

Of course, I’m bringing my small, portable reporter’s notebook and my spiral bound along with me, but I’m also just taking the week to chill out.

During finals week, I wrote myself numb spending 8 hours straight writing and revising essays due for a class, and my last obligation (a final exam) Thursday morning left me with nothing but free time until I had to leave Saturday morning.

It was the first time in a long time I didn’t have an academic commitment nagging at me, from the back of my head.

My friend Kenton invited me to go to “a symphony concert” with him, which I presumed to be the NU orchestra. But he meant the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

In downtown Chicago. Students get a discount of $15 for regular shows. Yo-Yo Ma just happened to be performing that night, which we found out on the subway when we were already headed there.

I got to see Yo-Yo Ma live. It was a fantastic experience.

People should take advantage of the CSO more often.

On Friday, I had brunch with my friend Adwaith at a creperie in downtown Evanston, and then went to Trader Joe’s. Why not? The weather was nice and we had free time.

FullSizeRender (10)

Nevertheless, I managed to look extremely liberated for this picture.

I spent the afternoon cleaning my room slowly and packing for the trip, and then strolled back into downtown to return a few rental textbooks. Then my other friend Navin and I got dinner to go and ate at the lakefill, which sounds better than it was, considering how windy it was out there, and how messy our food was.

But it was great to not have anything to worry about, and there’s something serene about a campus mildly deserted. Everyone’s headed home early, excited to pet their dogs or whatever, but there’s something alluring about being able to explore a college town properly, without any obligations waiting around the corner.

It’s nice to not think about parties, and to diversify the ways in which you pamper yourself every once in a while. Mix things up, you understand?

When the end of spring quarter comes around, I’m definitely sticking around to soak up everything summer in the suburbs of Chicago has to offer.


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