Sophomore Spotlight #2: The Chronicle, high school friends, apartment life

chronThe Northwestern Chronicle (new website launching soon, btw)

I made a huge commitment when I stepped up to be the new EIC of The Northwestern Chronicle, and while it has already started to consume a lot of my time (despite the fact that we have a pretty small editorial team and don’t have a public website), it has been nothing but rewarding to me so far.

It was something that I saw coming (just…not so soon) since spring quarter of last year, so I had some big ideas floating around in my head over the summer. Under the guide of Anthony, our old EIC who is now more of a senior mentor to me, I’ve been able to turn a lot of those ideas into reality.

I’ve learned a lot about the hoops you have to jump through, the standards you have to meet when you’re an editor. I guess I’m taking a crash course, since normally, eic’s get a few months to transition into the position.

But all up front, it’s very interesting to see what sorts of special privileges you get, the corresponding duties and responsibilities, the control and influence you have, and the potential impact you can make on the lives of people, whether indirectly through readership or directly through student group involvement.

At this point in the year, I’m really proud looking at all of the progress that we’ve made. Bit by bit, we have become more legitimate. Even though we haven’t been publishing, my involvement is quantified through dozens of logistical emails, lots of online/offline reading about newspaper structure, research about big events and campaigns, and being extra careful with read-throughs. Now that I’m the head editor, I’ll be setting the standard for everyone else.

My mom compared it to operating a small company. You’re in charge of funds, you construct marketing campaigns…The name “publication” might not be super fitting, because at the end of the day, the only label I have to stick to is “student group”. As in, in order to book meeting spaces on campus, the bare minimum is identifying as a student group.

The print issue, which came out last week, is a physical product of our hard work. It’s just nice to have those every once in a while, you know? To have something to hold and hang on your wall as if to say, look, you made me, you can make so many other great things happen too. 

High school friends

I don’t keep in touch with my high school friends much anymore. I’m watching their lives pass by on social media, greeting them with likes and communicating with them through 200-character speech bubbles. But no word count and emoji combo can accurately convey the emotion behind a deep laugh or a goofy smile. I want to be on the field interacting with them, but I’m sidelined by my own laziness and indifference.

And all of this matters to me. These are people who saw me transform during some of the angstiest, pubescent times of my life. And they were with me at the end of it all. These people know who I am and have watched me grow. I bet if I stick by them, they’ll stick by me.

Moral of the story: stay in touch with your old friends. Reach out if you haven’t. It’s never too late to change…

Apartment life

Apartment life is kind of insane. I pay rent, I have to consider utility costs, and I have to keep a space clean. After all, there’s no one else but Lisette to pick up my shit, and I can’t let her do all of that. There’s so much of it (I’m a hoarder) and I’m so cluttered.

My room gets messy really quickly, but my walls are inspired, by color and by portrayal.

Cooking has changed my life. It’s taught me about time management and kitchen responsibility. I know that I have to be considerate of others and wash the dishes, instead of leave them in the sink like I used to (I’m so sorry, fam). It’s given me so much room to experiment and try to create food inspired by food videos I watch on Youtube, which are so global and so awesome. The internet is an amazing place, okay?

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