17 really good songs: fall quarter 2015

fallcatNo theme. Just good music. From fall quarter 2015.

I’ll be honest, fall quarter Cat listened to a lot of EDM and hardcore dance music. And it’s not pretty, cute dance music, it’s a bunch of headbanging tracks that I get lost in. And I think this list reflects that.

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A pot of soup is being gently heated over low heat, and then it starts gently simmering and bubbling.

This is one I listened to on repeat for days, just biking around Evanston when it was sunny and (relatively) warm outside.

It’s like you’re shaking a jar of candy, and then you take a hammer and break it at the drop. And then it falls on the ground, breaks, and all of the candies are spilling everywhere. It’s great.

Made it onto my list of “best live drops of all time”.

Productive rage. Capitalistic, hardworking rage.

I’m floating on clouds, and listening to a concert put on by angels.

I listened to this on Dillo Day 2015 and cried because I loved this song but ODESZA wasn’t going to perform.

This Major Lazer-esque group is kind of my favorite obsession. This song brings you moombahton fraught with heavy bass.

A dramatic, chaotic song essentially asking, are you high yet? set against a slower, slightly offset beat.

I’m riding around in the middle of the night after a light rain. I saw stars on the pavement…the smooth voice against the cool, bouncy track reels me in.

When I hear that sax, I ask myself, can we stay like this forever? And then I just put the song on repeat and lie in bed for hours.

A happy, dancey song takes a turn at 2:56, and I love surprise endings.

Saw this performed live. Can you guess who it’s about? Hint: the title of the song is an anagram for a famous singer with a blond pixie cut…

I jammed out to this next to a lake in Wisconsin. The radio trend could be huge in the future, with tracks sampling a handful of songs within the conventional 4-minute timespan.

This would be a song played in the background of a dance scene in Major Lazer TV.

I’m in the Caribbean, on the beach, and this will be playing. And everyone’s going to get up and start dancing, not all at once, drawn in little by little.

Bruh da da da, duh duh duh – my version of the lyrics


Patiently waiting until 1:16 to go apeshit on the dancefloor. Honestly this is what Optimus Prime probably played at college parties.

Normally, “rave” songs sound boring and repetitive, but this one incorporates deep bass and keeps things consistent.

This one has me pausing all of my homework, only to sit back and bop to this. The girl’s sweet and tender voice, the slow and sunny-happy melody, the bouncing rhythm…it was one of those songs that caught my attention the first time I heard it, and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It reminds me of the stringed lights in my room, and soft, warm lighting.

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