some great songs to listen to


source: rexisky

A couple of years ago, I had this wild idea to start a second blog for music with one liners like these to review and recommend songs. Take a peek at the songs I was bumpin’ in 2014:

<“54 incredible songs you may have missed in 2014”>

And 17 more songs from my sophomore year, fall quarter:

<“17 really good songs”>

And now, songs I love, in no particular order.

Taylor McFerrin – Degrees of Light

A fairy ballerina dancing across a dark pond:

ANH & quickly, quickly – Preach

The feeling you get Sunday afternoon after church:

swindail – gellaitry groove

What’s playing in a coffee shop when the last employee is sweeping up and closing up shop:

Billboard – Lucid Dream

Anime characters horseplay in a funhouse of mirrors, or as RobbyVersace so eloquently put it, “like eating fruit with my ears”:

Hex Cougar – Morning Light

A dying robot serenades his crush:

CRAY – Tomboy Remix

Two gals engage in a sword fight but then they make peace halfway through the song and decide instead to fight patriarchy:

Vindata – Arrival

All of the animals in the jungle get together for a party (the monkey in particular throws down):

BOARCROK – Kickflip

A basshead tries to break into a diamond exchange and bypass all of the security lasers:

SheWon’t – t o u g h l o v e

You’re in a Goodwill shopping for a costume party:

Lindsay Lowend – Gt40 (ABSRDST Remix)

Mario, Peach, and all of their colleagues and peers play an animated game of Monopoly:

Bastian’s Happy Flight – Come For The Early | Stay For The Late | (Sweater Beats Remix)

An adventurous summer at sleepaway camp comes to an end for a group of wistful adolescents

Yahtzel – Beached

A bird strays from his flock to go fly the skies freely on his own, flying over a mountainside, then an ocean, then a city wide awake at night:

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