54 incredible songs you may have missed in 2014

In no particular order.

1) You fall asleep to an old black-and-white movie with Flying Lotus playing in your headphones. 

2) A bunch of jubilant whack-a-moles on drugs.

3) In the description, Hudson Mohawke writes: “the time jamie got really drunk cause of autobiotics and puked in erekah bad us VIP in spain and a bouncer punched me and brenmar broke it up”

4) Anthony was obviously having a great time at the beach, when, all the sudden, things went psychedelic.

5) Despite the slow beat, this is still a party song, especially right around the 2-minute mark.

6) Because it never really drops, this song is great background music and has a very elated personality regardless.

7) Great to listen to if you are late to class but still too lazy to run.

(Hint: 2:20 mark is phenomenal)

8) An upbeat, lively song accompanied by Kailo’s sonorous voice.

9) While the beginning sounds like a car piece dragging along the highway, Jeremih’s drawn out voice makes the whole song worthwhile. 


11) Fantastic build to a phenomenal drop right at 1:42. I can imagine this being well-received at an EDM concert. Something magical also happens at 3:33…

12) If a walk among a flower field is interrupted by small animals, was it ever really interrupted? 

13) At worst, a white dude grunting into a microphone, but at best, a Hippie Sabotage production where you listen intently to Alex Wiley rant with a “ya ya, yaaaaaa” in the background.

14) When the person in the car next to you looks over and sees you jamming to what’s happening at 0:40…apologize in advance for trying to rap this.

15) The only human noise in this song is slow, sexual breathing. 

16) Lido’s signature sound is indescribable synth. 

17) MIKOS DA GAWD makes what sounds like scratches on a record sound like music. I’m gonna be honest with you: my favorite part (1:55) is also probably one of the more monotonous moments of the song. 

18) Same verse repeated through the whole song yet somehow it’s a super cheerful, non-repetitive 2:17 minutes. Last night, I had a dream about you. In this dream, I’m dancing right beside you. There’s nothing wrong with just a little bit of fun, we were dancing all night long. 

19) Electronic harps in a room that echoes. 

20) A woman is sitting alone at a bar stirring a cocktail with a pierced olive. Suddenly, a man sits down and tries to sweet talk her. She flirts back, until he says something that offends her. She calls upon her alien friends who come to abduct the suave man. It ends in a shoot-out, and in the end, the woman is accidentally shot. The song ends as an alien looks down at her dying body. 

21) An adorable duet between a man and woman who flirt without speaking while each dances around on one foot to the other. The man reveals his feeling. Flustered, the woman starts rapping in another language.

22) A man wrote a song about a woman he saw dancing at a disco.

23) Elliot Moss should resort to serenading me in a thunderstorm. Hippie Sabotage should camp out in my bedroom. 

24) I can’t believe they played this at a frat party. I can’t believe they played this at a frat party. I can’t believe they played this at a frat party. Theophilus London remixed a song from Sweet Charity and it was played at a frat party. 

25) How did I never hear this before my friend Nik showed me? I’ve heard so many Keys N Krates remixes but I’ve never heard (arguably) their most popular song. It’s now one of my all time favorites. 

26) Yeah, the drop isn’t much of a drop, but Yellow Claw & Yung Felix did something magical at 2:30 with that mystical piano sequence…

27) It’s like I’ve gone to heaven and God is telling me that he’s been waiting for me, that he has something special for me. This remix is the theme song for that whole scene. Every octave change is another angel coming forward to embrace me.

28) There’s nothing like a little kid asking you an innocent question and you interpreting everything inappropriately like perverted little mofo you are.

29) The song that’s going through your mind as you walk out of a party, hand in hand with a super cute boy. 

30) Giraffage did his Taiwanese thing, making the slow and sensual song into something that could be played at the height of a dance party. 

31) The music video of this song would feature a man moonwalking around his town, passing landmarks and shops and restaurants that remind him of a girl. 

32) You would presumably, as I have, dance to this song in the shower or jam out to it in the car, with the bass all the way up, freezing in mid-air at the 0:24 mark. 

33) The theme song to Full House if it were still running. Or Arthur.

34) More and more people arrive at a party, until the party animal shows up. He starts telling a joke, and everyone slowly gathers around him. At the punchline, the crowd goes wild. 

35) This song was and is still my everything. Lyrics so accurate, details right on. Jaymes Young is my kindred soul. 

36) If you were playing Super Smash Bros under the influence…

37) It’s like I’m lying in a bathtub in the middle of a dance floor and time is slowing down.

38) I was sent on a quest through a rain forest to discover myself, and I emerge a few months later with a parrot on my shoulder and a deep tan.

39) A cat tiptoes through outerspace.

40) Crossfaded dude stumbles through out of a dance party into an alleyway where he is greeted by a man playing a Chinese string instrument. 

41) A marching band creeping through a movie theatre accidentally bumps into a chillstep artist at 1:05. 

42) A peregrine falcon flies above a calm sea for 5 minutes while this song plays in the background. 

43) Slow Magic remixed Justin Bieber by autotuning a song from his Christmas album. The album cover? JBiebs in a tiara. 

44) Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” had a baby with EDM. Picture Aladdin and Jasmine flying over skyscrapers and clock towers and whatnot. Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond sky…

45) This girl is obviously high but the effects of the drug fade in and out. 

46) Heartbroken girl drinks her sorrows away and lays in bed all day, thinking about James Vincent McMorrow’s voice. 

47) Girl walks through town on a sunny day and makes everyone’s day by catching a little kid’s falling ice cream cone, helping an elderly lady cross the street, and the like. The man who’s in love with her follows behind on a skateboard. 

48) Optimus Prime tries his hand at EDM.

49) Penthouse Penthouse is feeling a bit frisky at the beach and really likes Justin Timberlake.

50) Third song off of the Broken Ankles mixtape. Dat background music doe.

51) Prisoner starts to go crazy after his nefarious captors loop this song in his jail cell. 

52) A group of men sit outside of a dance club and cat-call beautiful women who step outside for a breath of fresh air. 

53) Someone recounts a sexual experience while dancing around in zero-gravity, complete with reenactments. 

54) Focus on the harmonies, the snaps, and the confident guitar strums.


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