This Amateur Might Be Going Pro.

I bought the website! This blog is (metaphorically) my property now.

Welcome to my home! It’s a little bit s c a t t e r e d right now, a pretty accurate description of my mind. I’m renovating a bit; I’m in the middle of a transition (but aren’t we always? wink) You’ll notice that I stopped squatting for free and finally started paying rent for this property. 

I wasn’t expecting this shift anymore than you were. I just decided late one nigh (past 2AM, when I make my best decisions) to restructure the POV of my blog.

Never Stationary: my opinions are constantly evolving, as I gain more life experience.

And now, I’m changing my stance on the purpose of this blog.

I used to pride myself on being an amateur, but can no longer refer to myself as one, as I am now paying $99 a year (WordPress Premium DEAL) for the url

In my amateur period, I was free to explore with few consequences, able to prioritize my own writing and wellbeing.

Since the birth of NS, I have revealed my full name, my university, and may end up posting a resume, like some of my peers have.

While I’m still unsure of which direction I’m headed, I know that 2015 will be a great year for writing. A few ideas I have cultivating inside my mind:

  • formal interviews (I’m about to begin an intro level Journalism class!)

  • story writing

  • organized guest posting and collaborations with other blogs

  • more reviews of all sorts (music, movies, FOOD); practice makes nearly perfect

Thanks for sticking with me.

A few blogs which have given me inspiration*:

*note that while these two individuals are both young Asian American females, I don’t know them personally.


    • catdiggedydog

      Thanks Anna! It’s exciting because it’s my name. As much as I love the title Never Stationary, it’s time to start identifying myself. There’s an interesting quote that says something like “work until you no longer have to introduce yourself” and claiming the property seems like an significant first step, no? Thanks for reading!!


  1. karmadoc

    “All things change but stay the same” is fitting at this point, the blog may change direction, but the author will remain you. I look forward to reading what will come and what will change as your life takes focus.


    • catdiggedydog

      :’) thanks so much karmadoc! I’m excited to see what will happen. Now that I have solidified the basics, I’m eager to see how I can push my comfort level. Cool quote, by the way! Thanks for reading. Also happy new year!


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