Embracing Your Amateurity

Featured imageWill someone buy me a cup like this? I’d love you forever.

(Amateurity isn’t actually a word, but I’ll unofficially define it as the state of being amateur)

I woke up and saw the notebook. I was so very drowsy, and so I only wrote three words down.

“such an amateur”

If I were a full-time, employed blogger, I’d probably sit down at my desk with a cup of coffee or something, and free-write for ten minutes about the way the sun streams in through the windows or the way my face looks in the morning. But if we’re being 100% realistic, I am not a morning person. I have high school to go to, and I’m perpetually exhausted every morning. I have just enough time to jot down a few words or two before I’m behind schedule (which I somehow manage to be every single morning).

I am an amateur in the blogging world. My URL is neverstationary.wordpress.comwhich means that I don’t pay money to get my own website. I don’t get special effects on my site the way that lots of other, more professional bloggers do. Nor am I completely consistent in my posting. This means that if I have a particularly difficult week, I might decide not to post for a few days to catch up on schoolwork or debate work or something. And there’s radio silence on this blog for days.

See, I don’t make money from this blog. I don’t get paid to display ads. I also don’t have giveaways or raffles or any of those special effects that draw viewers to come back. I don’t advertise my own website on random sites.

I get my viewers simply through pingbacking websites like the Daily Post, or commenting on blogs similar to mine, or through showing people that I know personally.

I think it’s super cool that this blog is only five months old, and it’s got over 100 followers and lots of comments and views and pingbacks. I’ve learned how to navigate WordPress to find bloggers similar to me (at least, somewhat).

I’m an amateur and I love it.

What if I were an employed blogger? I don’t even know how that would work. Do people charge viewers to read their writing? Do they have to have a specific focus on their blog and promise that something new will be posted every Tuesday and Friday?

I can’t promise that I will, but I can assure that if I could post everyday, I could.

I haven’t managed to find a particular focus for my blog yet, but I’m currently in the process of defining my options.

But that doesn’t preclude the possibility of me becoming a full-time, professional, paid writer. I’m just not developed enough at this point to give up what I contribute to this blog, and to settle down and define a focus. In the future, however, I’ll find something that will never cease to interest me, and I might focus my blog on that particular topic.

If I had an economic incentive to post on this blog, would I just write about vague concepts with lots of fancy words and poetic phrases? I think I would. I think my writing would be less and less personal and that I would no longer run the blog; the blog would run me.

This blog is for myself but equally for my readers. The way that I operate the blog, in my opinion, maintains this balance. To write for any other incentive other than just a pure zeal for writing (at this point in time) would compromise the quality and truth-value of my writing.

I enjoy being an amateur. I don’t like pressure. I don’t particularly like being confined to a narrow range of topics. I like allowing my mind to wander, and I like catching my firefly thoughts. This blog is a compilation of my verbal daydreaming.


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