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Guggenz releases new album “Cruise Control”

Don’t underestimate these 5 female electronic producers

YehMe2 Release Party: Steal This Mixtape 2

Big Wild – Subterranean 4/21/16

What So Not ‘Gemini’ EP Review

How to write a music review

For those who want to describe music in a way that goes beyond just “this song is really good”, music reviews are the way to go. If you’ve never written one before, fear not, for here are a few tips for beginners, from a fellow beginner. Continue reading

Blank Banshee 0: Your soundtrack for psychedelic drugs, or how to have the best 30 minutes of your life

Djemba Djemba’s Mixtape will get you hyped for HARD Summer Music Festival

Djemba Djemba @ EDC ’14 // source: photoxblood

Djemba Djemba’s HARD Summer Music Festival ’15 Mixtape Series #2 is a collection of 60+ songs designed to get you hyped up for the Souther Cali music festival, set to take place at the beginning of August 2015. Continue reading

Review: Tame Impala’s Currents

The Black Keys meets MGMT in Tame Impala’s newest multi-faceted album, Currents. Kevin Parker’s psychedelic rock band streamed its album on NPR days before its official release, scheduled for tomorrow (July 17th). Continue reading

marshmello adds fuel to the fire, releases Diplo & Friends Guest Mix

There’s a lot of buzz in the EDM community about mystery newcomer marshmello. There were rumors that the anonymous producer was actually Skrillex trying out a new sound, then people were saying that it was actually the artist Dotcom. There’s still no official word out on this issue at the moment, but the important thing to focus on is that marshmello just released an hour-long mix on Diplo & Friends! Continue reading