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Welcome to College: Part 1

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Transitioning to College

My pre-college reflection reads like it was written ages ago, when in reality I penned this angsty train-of-thought only a few weeks ago. Much has changed since then. I’ve made it through orientation week, and am highly anticipating the start of classes.

Orientation has left me debilitated; I’ve not drank much water, nor eaten much healthy food, nor gotten much sleep. However, it’s the most fun I’ve had in a while, and I know that people will start to settle down as classes ramp up, and I will fall into some sort of routine. I don’t know what to do with all of this freedom!

I eat on a meal plan, I shower in the company of others, and I live with a roommate. What a change from the lifestyle I’d adopted over my summer. I find myself wondering if I need to make some small talk, or if silences here and there are completely okay (they most likely are).

Here I am free to make my own decisions, spend my free time as I like, and pick which classes interest me. I am much more motivated to learn, now that I have a say in which classes I take. Continue reading