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I Love Sharing My Favorite Music

One of the greatest little things in life that – in my opinion – is very often overlooked is the aspect of sharing my love of music with others. Coming from someone who has a respectable appreciation for music, my musical journey has seen many ups and downs. Is it hard to believe that I actually did not listen to any music before 5th grade? I didn’t even know the classics, the pop artists that were then dominating the radio – Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, etc.

So when I look back and see how far I’ve come from that parochial little girl, taking note of my currently large collection of music, I’m very proud. The best moment, however, is when I share new music with my friends, and having them legitimately come to appreciate the song.

Knowing someone very well and becoming so familiar with their taste in music pays off when you can suggest a song that pertains to their style, yet suggesting one that they’ve never heard before. When someone genuinely enjoys a song, it means that you have hit the spot. It makes you feel as though you could be a professional music suggester, their new medium for finding new songs.

This seemingly insignificant little event encourages you to take larger steps. Who knows, you might start making mix tapes one day, or customized playlists.

Music, being one of the main ways that people connect, represents an important aspect of a friendship. Thus, when two people agree on an album or an artist, it creates a heart-warming sensation of mutual agreement that will further discussion.

Does anyone else feel very pretentious and hipster for knowing music before it becomes popular? I do, certainly. Momentarily, I’ll feel musically superior to someone else. It’s a feeling that also comes when I share music with my friends, because rarely does the music I enjoy ever end up on pop radio. The only emotion I’ll feel in that situation is agitation, because I know that I’ll eventually come to hate the song after the radio has ripped its originality to shreds, releasing its radio edits and fading out curse words.

– Daily Prompt