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How to slowly take command of the aux cord on a roadtrip

source: gabiclaire

Over spring break, I embarked on a 16-hour drive to Denver, Colorado which spanned 2 days.

I have found that roadtripping is one of the best ways to get to know a group of people. This experience is only made more meaningful when the aux cord is ON FIRE. Continue reading

13 steps to write a post

– Daily Prompt 

song is:


1. realize that it’s been 5 day since you last posted something on your public blog

2. panic and find a time and place to write – before summer lab starts, in a café by yourself, or even better – in the wee hours of the morning when no regular human would be awake

3. put on headphones and blast intense music (playlist to follow)

4. type on your laptop because your life is too engrained in technology for you to realistically write on a notepad, even though you know that’s the best option

5. scroll through list of writing prompts accumulated over the months – find nothing that sparks inspiration

6. go to your angsty and adolescent tumblr and scroll through endless pages of quotes, pictures, funny gifs, and creative poems – still find nothing but hate on yourself for not being able to rhyme like these creative folks; I don’t even rhyme, I just whine really fast

7. search the term “writing prompts” on google for the millionth time and find nothing new

8. resume not writing for a few more days

9. get motivated to write by something that genuinely interests and concerns you

10. resist the urge to publish something that sounds forced because if it sounds forced, it generally is

11. write your heart out for long periods of time

12. search through tumblr for a perfect picture to depict the subject of your post

13. publish with satisfaction

writing playlist: (I adore music with heavy bass and minimal voices, but that’s just me)

and if this doesn’t suffice for writing, it’s just a trippy collection of songs