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I Don’t Care About Many Things


My friend Chelsea just started a blog, 100 Ways to Write! I guest-posted for her, and you can read the original here:

Over the course of our friendship you will find that I don’t care about many things.

By this, I mean that when I was younger, I obsessed over celebrity news and gossip. I always wanted to know, what was the latest news with Britney Spears? Which Olsen twin wore it better? Did Justin Bieber really grow up in Atlanta?

By this, I mean that when I found a band I really liked, I watched documentaries about them and wanted to know their background story, and why they wrote the music they wrote.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve pretty much abandoned that practice for a much more withdrawn attitude, questioning why we obsess over the lives of other people. Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Just Assume that North Korea is Crazy

When I was in ninth grade, the debate topic was military withdrawal from certain countries, one of which was South Korea. A large portion of the debate community advocated for the withdrawal of our troops because of we didn’t, Korean provocations would escalate and North Korea would eventually use its nuclear weapons against the US and South Korea, and a global extinction would occur. Raise your hand if you advocated this?

*raises hand*

In this day and age, this might seem like a reality. You’ve probably read multiple news articles (or skimmed the headlines) about how North Korea is flexing its nuclear muscles, trying to look threatening by carrying out nuclear tests. You’ve read about the irrationality of Kim Jong Un and his predecessor, and how this nonsensicalness is eventually going to lead them to launch nuclear weapons at the United States. Some assert that these claims are merely empty rhetoric. What do we believe?

Have you read about the brainwashing and corruption that exists within the borders? The government propaganda allows the citizens to believe that their dictator is their god, and that the places outside of North Korea are much worse.

I’ve changed my perspective on North Korea. In ninth grade, I generalized everyone within North Korea’s borders into a group of people that were absolutely crazy, irrational, and threatening. But that’s not true. There have been a substantial (while still relatively small) amount of people that have escaped from North Korea, come abroad to places like China or the United States. Some of these refugees have even created documentaries to portray the life that they lived. They are all not the same; we are all humans. It’s taken me a bunch of years a lots of news reading to understand this.

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