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Man In Line Gets A Boner: Would You Call That Sexual Harassment?

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Disclaimer: I don’t intend this blog post to be a blanket statement about people getting erections in public. Oftentimes it’s not personal nor intended. I totally get that. I just think that the details in yesterday’s scenario make it so that this could not have been a coincidence.

Where I work, there’s a grown man who comes in often enough that I recognize him and consider him a regular. I knew his order and always greeted him with a smile, making conversation because I genuinely believed that he was a delightful, pleasant person, but I never (until very recently) took a look at his pants.

How could I miss something so…obstructive??

It turns out that this was not a unique occurrence but rather, a tradition of sorts…

In my mind, I was grossed out. I started panicking. It was disturbing! God damn sir, you’re in freaking public! In gym shorts! There are children at that table! And grandmas!

What even is sexual harassment anyways? Or is this sexual assault, or abuse, or is this all just in my head? I don’t care about some official definition; if something makes me so uncomfortable in my own skin that I get upset at work, it’s sexual harassment to me.

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