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So, I’ve decided to change things up a little bit.

After all, change can be beneficial.

Of course, I’m still adjusting to the new layout and there will probably be a couple technical errors on old posts for the next couple of days as I continue to adapt, but I think these things will smooth themselves out soon.

I’d love some feedback! Please vote in the poll! It is 100% anonymous; I don’t even know who votes which way.

And if you’re brave enough, please leave some feedback! Tips, suggestions, complaints, concerns?

Help Me Out…

Hi followers :)

Would you like to help me out? I did a writing challenge a couple weeks ago and now there’s a poll where you can vote for whichever submissions you liked the most. IT WOULD BE SO NICE IF YOU GUYS VOTED FOR ME!

So here’s the link, and thanks to anyone who does votes!

And if anyone would like to re-read what I wrote for this challenge, here’s the link to that!

Finally, here is a song that I am currently enjoying: