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Winter From the Perspective of a Southerner

As an Atlantan, I’ve tangentially experienced winter, at best. Every few years, it flurries repeatedly for a few days before finally sticking, and then we get a half an inch or so. But we freak out. School shuts down for weeks at a time, the highways are littered with abandoned cars, and all hell breaks loose. Behold, a Georgian “Snow-pocalypse.” Continue reading

Snowpocalypse II: Here We Go Again


What should have taken a half hour turned into a grueling commute that pressed my patience and confined me in the car with my mom and my sister for eight straight hours.

Snowpocalypse. Atlanta. Two inches of snow.

The logistics are still unclear, but I can only recall the taunts and smirks that I received from my friends up North as they frolicked around in their two feet of snow.

The effects of the snow that finally stuck were striking: an impromptu snow holiday for many, schools set back, cars ditched on the side of the road, everyday hills becoming a treacherous climb. Babies born on the highway and students stranded overnight in schools and buses.  Continue reading