This Kid I Know: Rachel

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How do I even begin to describe her? My roommate at debate camp for two years, who first introduced me to a substantial amount of music that I listen to today. I’m so glad to have met you, because my life would be half as fun if you weren’t in it.

I remember the first time I walked into our tiny dorm room, and immediately judged you based on first impressions. My first impressions are NEVER correct, empirically proven. We quickly fell into a cycle of being independent yet dependent on each other at debate camp, which made me feel as though I’d known you all my life. That first Sunday, our relationship was SO awkward; we just walked around this town that we were completely unfamiliar to, and tried to take in the unfamiliar stores, and all they had to offer.

Things I’ve loved about our time together:

  • I had many phone conversations with your friends and family back in your hometown, and half-jokingly warned them to treat you right.

  • I was like your mom, waking you up every single morning to make sure you weren’t late to lab.

  • We played loud, raucous music from our room that infiltrated the entire floor of our building, that started multiple dance parties that gradually ended up in the communal bathroom.

  • Asiago cheese bagel, split and toasted, with plain cream cheese, and a large coffee on the side, black with just a splash of cream.

  • Chai tea. Not chai tea lattes, just chai tea.

  • The last days of camp when we packed up and I had to sit on top of your 3-4 luggages full of random articles of clothing because it would never fit.

  • Trading clothes and plotting to protest against Maxidress Mondays.

  • Waking up so early the first day of the Art Fair, so we could go shopping together at Urban Outfitters and save lots of money.

  • Selfies on computers that we ultimately ended up regretting taking when posted on Facebook.

  • LIAM HEMSWORTH and your first few encounters with bubble tea.

  • The way you tried to learn how to play ukelele and NEVER BROUGHT IT OUTSIDE OUR ROOM.

These are the memories that I remember most clearly from my two years of camp with you, and I wouldn’t have wanted them to go any differently. Happy birthdayyyy!!


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