An Ode to Frozen Yogurt

Here’s to you, frozen yogurt!

I love your multiplicity in flavor,

your variety in topping,

your recent boom in popularity.

What used to be a vague, alien concept

is now a treat that I look forward to

even in the dead of winter,

in horribly cold 40-degree weather.

How I love your accessibility.

It comes in all forms of chains and

mom and pop shops.

Shall I list just a few of my favorites?

Yogli Mogli, Yoforia, Menchies, and Yogurtland, galore!

Froyo, you are taking the world of frozen confections by storm!

Coldstone, Baskin Robbins, and Haagen Dazs are trembling with fear!

You are not as dense as your creamy cousin,

and yet you are not what I pictured

when I stuck Gogurts in the freezer in the midst of my childhood.

You are hip and you are trendy,

you are novel and you are a universal theme.

Whether I’m feeling chocolatey or fruity,

there’s always a flavor for me.

Me? I go to my neighborhood shop and

mix all of the flavors together.

I’ll add nuts and chocolate chips and fresh fruit

and mochi because the more textures, the merrier!

I’ll save the unique spoons with the chain’s logo adhered to the end

and make cute necklaces.

Are you a trend?

A frozen confection that’s here to stay?

Only time will tell.


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