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I Like This Mug Too Much

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 2.28.19 PM

The mug in it’s natural habitat, holding Chocolate Cheerios for me.

An ode to my mug, inspired by Daily Post. Happy Valentines’ Day, by the way.

There’s this mug that I bought fairly recently that I favor over all of my other mugs.

It’s a fat white mug with a cute Santa on the side (see above).

Whenever my cupboard is full, I will look for this pretty and simple mug to hold my water, my juice, my milk, my tea, and my coffee.

I bought it myself over winter break! It was very cheap and probably on sale and a purchase that I made on a whim.

It’s quite simple to use. You just put your food or your lotions or your knicknacks in it and it will hold it for you patiently, like the obedient little mug it is.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 2.29.01 PM

Hot chocolate for when it was a chilly 45 degrees Fahrenheit outside :P

The rim is wider than most, and thus much easier to clean than other mugs. It does not give me a hard time. While most mugs have a greater height than they do a width, this mug is special. It’s fat and stout and reminds me of Santa Claus himself. This perception leads me to believe that the cup can hold much more than it actually can; it’s potential surpasses that of other common, ordinary mugs.

It’s a versatile mug, yes it is. It can hold whatever you want it to hold. Apple slices, goldfish, marshmallows, and any drink, hot or cold. It can handle anything.

At this point, it’s still new. It doesn’t matter that it’s only come into my life recently. Even though I have other mugs that I’ve had for years and years (decades even), this one stands out. When this mug chips, each exposure of the earthenware underneath will demonstrate how much it’s loved and used.

In reality though, it’s a mug. It’s a mug. IT’S A MUG. IT’S A MUG. It hasn’t changed my life. The day has not come that I wake up, glance at my mug, and decide to be a better person. I just enjoy the presence of the mug. I’ll set it on a table, and instantly the table seems more classy. I’ll feel fancy and warm and happy, holding a warm cup of who-cares.

The bigger picture is that we tend to love things that are not only useful, but something that we ourselves have selected. It makes us feel as though we’ve made the right choice for once, the indirect effects of which can be seen everyday through our serenity.

We all have that one inanimate object that for some indescribable reason sticks with us. It just seems inappropriate to give it a name, as it is not something to have a conversation with, but rather something that just stays with you and gives you silent, unspoken comfort. Like a pet. Or a plant.

Do you have something like that?

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 2.29.13 PM

The mug holds a DELICIOUS chocolate cake that I made in the microwave <3

(photos pulled from my instagram @catdiggedydog)