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Aligning Text: A New Stylistic Tool To Enhance Your Writing



Yeah, I’m a mega-nerd, as mega-nerdy as they come.

Text alignment isn’t just for right-aligning headers and center-aligning titles and tabbing over for paragraphs and such. You, the creator, can utilize it as a stylistic tool in your writing. Continue reading

Where you will find me when I’m “writing”

Can I wake up here and write?

Can I wake up here and write?

Not at home.

Well, yes, sometimes I write at home, but if it were my world to dictate, I wouldn’t.

At home, I’ll write in the comfort of my own bed (as I am right now). There’s some comfort in reclining on a fluffy pillow, bare toes wiggling beneath the covers, with easily accessible water and a power cord nearby.

Or I’ll write in the kitchen, in the little breakfast area where I can sit with a plate of food, with my back facing the wall so I can write in private and observe my family members as they sidle in and out of the kitchen for food to eat.

At school, I’ll write in between classes and during free periods like the weirdo I am, because when the urge to write hits you, you have to comply, which often means blogging while other people are watching TV shows. It also means other people glancing over curiously to see what I’m typing, which more than often involves them sending invisible but strong waves of judgment towards me, and less than often involves them striking a conversation about my writing.

If things were to always go my way Continue reading

Intense, like no other

Intense, like running a burned finger under cold tap water

Intense, like debating for 3 days straight

Intense, like the way you devote your life to something unconventional

knowing there are so many reasons for which it could fail, but holding on because of the one reason it might work out

Intense…is the way I feel about you. Continue reading

The Evolution of a Girl

Here she comes in her stroller,

dressed in white and no recognition of the corruption that surrounds her

Her parents cross their fingers and hope that she is destined for good things.


Here she comes on her bike,

dressed in pedal pusher jeans that everyone else seems to be wearing these days

No acknowledgement of the hardships that come with the joys in life

Her friends roll their eyes and then go out and buy an identical pair.


Here she comes in the passenger seat,

living her life through someone else

When they succeed, she is happy.

When they fail, all seems wrong.

But she picks up and finds someone else to follow.


Here she comes on crutches that dig in,

having found someone that pushed her off her chair.

The scars – they will never fade entirely

a friendly reminder of the past

of the reality of life

of the hardships that come with the joy.


There she goes in her limo,

she’s out the door,

quickly, quickly,

into the sun.

She’ll never find another permanent shadow in which to find comfort

Her parents cross their fingers and hope that she is destined for greatness.


a part of the Weekly Writing Challenge