Pillow talk

Schooling is not the same as education
education - it is sacred.
Here it is commodified - twisted, manipulated, thrown away
with every spit bubble lazily popping at your mouth, every glazed over look you give your teacher

Crunch time - that's what this is.
Doing calculus in history or history in calculus
always behind or at best, a little ahead
never fully aligned.

Busy work, that's what this is.
Rote memorization, routine application.
Internalization of grey matter
You see the letters, you know the words, but do you know what they mean?
pug pug pug
If you look to the details, they'll explain 
the way your stress drives your hands insane 
picking and scratching until all that remains 
is skin scarred, knuckles marred because you can't refrain.

pillow talk
talk talk 
pillow talk 
light statements 
that will be forgotten as soon as you crawl out of bed 

eyes half closed 
breathy words 
hmms and mmms 
morning breath 
life is simple 
the world only stretches so far as the edges of the bed



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  18. Burl

    Those of us who were serious about learning received the education. I remember my first day of college, I expected it to be different than high school; the only thing different was that no one was making me attend class, oh, and if you were disruptive you were gone… no questions, no reprieve.


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