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The One Super Mundane Change in My Routine that Helped Relieve My Stress

If you read this blog, then you may know that I am not very passionate about math and science. I’ve never found much joy in thinking in numbers rather than ideas and concepts.

Recently I made a very small switch in my life that has so far, made a large difference in the way that I calculate and value my time, as well as my usage and dependence on technology.  Continue reading

If Life Were Made Of Monday Afternoons…

It’s a Monday afternoon. I am on my way to the library. I just ate a huge lunch: 3 plates of taste good, feel bad food and 2 cups of coffee to offset the lack of sleep and food in my system.

I am reading my agenda. A midterm lurks around the corner, deadlines for papers and tests flash before my eyes, and the pile of laundry in my hamper stretches so high that it topped over this morning, like a castle wall crumbling in defeat. Continue reading

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide


I don’t know why we think it’s worthwhile to deal with every one of our problems. Why do we always have to call it running away?

Are we superheroes? Can we emerge victorious after every struggle with the enemy?

Are we rubberbands? Can we snap back in place after being stretched thin?

No, we are humans. We aren’t built to overcome every obstacle that life presents to us, and this I realized the other day. Continue reading

Life is a real nailbiter


I don’t know why I’m not learning

that when your conscience is hurting

you can just go about turning

your cuticles into victims.

When your life is going off the rails

you take it out on your nails

the sad state that your violence assails

red, raw, and bitten.

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in, and a pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves

new years

It might not always be this glam, but this year, it might be for me :)

2013 was the year of the snake, aka the year of the struggle. It was all of the pent up stress of dealing with college, depicted in sighs, tears, and teeth-gnashing. As the clock strikes 12 on New Years’, seniors all over the country will one-by-one fall back exhausted into their beds, saying to themselves with a grimace, “I did it. I made it. Second semester senior, here we are.”

In the case of the optimist and the pessimist, which one are you?

Which one am I?

Continue reading

You are not alone: a monologue about college decisions


People are finding out about their colleges and

on one hand, I am so happy for them.

But at the same time, I want to rip my hair out

Because I have hallucinated 6 times today

Cruelly rejected myself 3 times and

Twice ecstatically accepted myself and

Once cold-bloodedly deferred myself.

Tomorrow seems to be a path with two forks in the road

leading in opposite directions.

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I think I figured out why movies and reality are separate

To state the obvious, movies are all Hollywood glam. People devote their entire lives to creating story lines and movie sets, spending millions for every production. The actors spend hours in costume and makeup, making sure every blemish is concealed correctly, and that every hair is in place.

Reality is nothing like that. There’s no clear direction in which your life is going, you have very little people that will be there with you every step of the way, and no one is going to prep you to look your best every morning.

But you already knew that, didn’t you? As soon as we emerge from the idealistic period of childhood, we’ll have a little less faith in the truth claims of movies. We’ll learn to be more skeptical of perfect couples and happy endings, and of flawless skin and thigh gaps.

I figured today that especially for high schoolers, a lot of drama and change takes place inside of the head. Of course, we go out and have fun, and we spend time with people we enjoy. But rarely are our lives entirely partying and action; more often than not, we do homework and write papers and stress about college. The majority of that stress and personal change happens inside of the head, and movies just have a hard time depicting that.

Even if they could, that would be a really boring movie, because the main character would just sit on their computer or lie in bed with a strained look on their face, and go out only on weekends, like the average kid does.

There is no compromise. Once we deviate from the norm of reality, we sacrifice its authentic element. That’s essential to differentiating real life from the movies.

That’s my little epiphany of the day.