Guest Post: The State of the Senior

I didn’t get into college yet.
There’s a mountain of homework that I haven’t started yet, at 6PM on Sunday.
I’ve been furiously writing as many supplements as possible, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, I’ll finish seven of them in two weeks.
I also have a quiz to study for, and I’m currently 4 hours into the studying. If I want to improve my Calculus grade to something that won’t destroy my already-small chances of getting into a good school, I’ll need to study four hours more.
It’s ironic, really. I realize that I have so much work to do, and in the face of that workload, I lose motivation to dive myself straight into the depths of the waters. Then I stall time in front of the thing that I need to do the most.
People are telling me tomorrow will be better.
Well, today is today.
And today sucks.
(Shakira’s here though)
“Tú más que nadie merecer ser feliz” = “There’s no one more deserving than you to be happy”


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