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Guest Post: The ups and downs of blogging

Guest Post: 10:20 pm (MATH 3000)

How you know you’ve fallen for someone

Broadway, Manhattan

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-a guest post by D-

I hate the city. It’s loud, rude, and filled with foul air and bright lights where they aren’t necessary. And today, I spent an entire day in Manhattan, which was a living nightmare for a cranky guy like me. Continue reading

Guest Post: Some Girl in a Bar.

Sabina Says: To EDM or Not to EDM?

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I love when bloggers put their heads together and clash over a topic, transcending the bare minimum that commonly results from blog collaborations.

Sabina from Victim to Charm and I reached some sort of compromise on spicy foods a few weeks ago, and this week, we touched on a subject very dear to my heart:

electronic dance music. Continue reading

Sabina Says: Add Some Spice to Your Life

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Sabina at Victim to Charm loves spicy food, and I don’t. Two opinions collided…


A warm tingling filling my mouth. My nose running so hard that I wonder if it’ll ever stop. Maybe even a lone tear.

For some, this sounds like torture. Why would you ever voluntarily subject yourself to a burning tongue?

Because it’s delicious. Continue reading

Guest Post: Ten Things I Miss About Home

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10) Freshly cracked black pepper.

Pre ground black pepper isn’t as satisfying, it has less of a “kick” and you have to add a lot more. Plus, there’s nothing like the cathartic crackling sounds of grinding pepper.  Continue reading