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Guest Post: The ups and downs of blogging

Guest Post: 10:20 pm (MATH 3000)

How you know you’ve fallen for someone

Broadway, Manhattan

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-a guest post by D-

I hate the city. It’s loud, rude, and filled with foul air and bright lights where they aren’t necessary. And today, I spent an entire day in Manhattan, which was a living nightmare for a cranky guy like me. Continue reading

Guest Post: Some Girl in a Bar.

Sabina Says: To EDM or Not to EDM?

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I love when bloggers put their heads together and clash over a topic, transcending the bare minimum that commonly results from blog collaborations.

Sabina from Victim to Charm and I reached some sort of compromise on spicy foods a few weeks ago, and this week, we touched on a subject very dear to my heart:

electronic dance music. Continue reading

Sabina Says: Add Some Spice to Your Life

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Sabina at Victim to Charm loves spicy food, and I don’t. Two opinions collided…


A warm tingling filling my mouth. My nose running so hard that I wonder if it’ll ever stop. Maybe even a lone tear.

For some, this sounds like torture. Why would you ever voluntarily subject yourself to a burning tongue?

Because it’s delicious. Continue reading

Guest Post: Ten Things I Miss About Home

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10) Freshly cracked black pepper.

Pre ground black pepper isn’t as satisfying, it has less of a “kick” and you have to add a lot more. Plus, there’s nothing like the cathartic crackling sounds of grinding pepper.  Continue reading

Guest Post: Listen to the Children!

Guest Post: Life Goes On

Going into college application season in the winter of 2013, I had my heart set on two places: Georgetown and the University of Chicago. I had visited Georgetown in the spring of my junior year, and loved everything about the place. One particularly vivid memory that stays with me to this day, involves the handwritten sign in the window of a dorm room: “Welcome to the best place on earth.”

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Guest Post: A Letter To My Thirteen-Year-Old Self


Read mine!

Dear 13 year old self, 

You cannot sing. Give up now.

Don’t stop reading lots and lots of books, but you have to pay attention in class. 

Being fiercely independent is something that’s good, just don’t be an island. Try and make more meaningful friends. It’s not fun to always be a lone wolf.  Continue reading