Sabina Says: To EDM or Not to EDM?

source: utrippy

I love when bloggers put their heads together and clash over a topic, transcending the bare minimum that commonly results from blog collaborations.

Sabina from Victim to Charm and I reached some sort of compromise on spicy foods a few weeks ago, and this week, we touched on a subject very dear to my heart:

electronic dance music.

I raved about its appropriateness for nearly every situation, and the way the shock factor is itself a stereotype-breaking anthem.

Sabina, on the other hand, dipped a few toes into an unfamiliar realm and emerged with a new view on EDM: appreciation.

You can read the full article on her website, and share your opinion!

A short excerpt:

…the cadence of EDM is a strangely calming pattern. You can hear the buildup happening as it approaches the drop, when there’s a sudden yet effortless shift in beat.



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