Airports, and the way our lives barely overlap

source: msu

You are never going to see these people again. You’re flying in from all sorts of places.

When you’re walking through a terminal, you walk past people who are not in their “zone”. And by this I mean that they are wearing leftover clothes and clearly not prepared for a change in weather. You can lock eye contact with 100 individuals in a minute. These are the faces that may appear in your dreams.

The paths of your life cross once in your lifetime, very much so like a map of flights coming in an out of the airport.

Each combination of beautiful faces you see is the result of you taking an extra five seconds to pull your luggage along the stairs or stop to get a drink of water. All randomly chosen, barely impacting each other’s lives.

Even on-board a plane, your only known similarity is a simple destination, which may just be the location of someone’s connecting flight. Is the destination a hometown, a vacation spot?

Your neighbors are neighbors in the loosest sense of the world because you get to observe their habits, poke your head over the fence for a couple of hours.

Your flight attendants do not and will never know your name, yet they treat you like their favorite student.

And there is always the risk of death, in which case you would die alone with dozens of your farthest acquaintances. In those last few moments of life, you would cling to each other’s hands willingly for that warm squeeze.

I’ve had trouble sleeping over the past few weeks. This album puts me straight to sleep.

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