What would your ideal writing space look like?

I asked a handful of writers the same question:

What would your ideal writing space look like?

Their responses were…

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eye-opening. Source: rocknrollfuldead

Each is unique but emphasizes inspiration, whether it be through music, food, or a great view.

“My writing space would be a large room with lots of windows, so that I can allow as many thoughts from outside to come in. At the same time, my writing space would be a small nook inside a large room, surrounded by three walls so that none of my thoughts could escape once they came in.

When I feel like I want to write about huge life issues, I’d open my windows and look at the whole world, so that I can incorporate as many things I see into my writings. But when I want to write about myself, I’d close all the windows and flip all my shutters, so that I only have to think about me in that room.
My writing space would have access to a variety of writing sources: a bookshelf to have other people as my inspiration, a guitar to have music as my driving force, and also a laptop, just in case I don’t really want to write at a given time. Sometimes, time is the best inspiration a writer could ask for.”
– D, who has written other guest posts inspired by late night thoughts, college rejection, adolescent infatuations, and many more.

“Just like every other solitary writer, I’ve always envisaged my writing space to be murky. A little sombreness always brings forth wonderful stories. As a writer, I’d admit, I would love to have my own space full of crumpled paper of obscure poetry and half written stories. I would want it to always smell of coffee and well, always have coffee. That would be my little corner, reserved for my thoughts to brood and grow.

I’d want a window for my mind to fly while I pen my thoughts down and a box of strawberries to hush my growling stomach. I’d want to be surrounded by books, from authors new or old, from all sides, to accompany me while I give life to stories. I’d love to have pictures of the ones I love and fairy-lights hanging low on my walls, with their warm twinkling glow. And maybe a small bed to rest my tired self.

I’d want stars and moon and pictures of everything that can give wings to my imagination. Lastly, I’d want it to be my the space where my dreams and aspirations take the form of life itself. :)”

– Akansha from Brooding in the Tepid Dusk

“My ideal writing space already exists. It’s a room at the public library in the next town over. One wall is entirely windows and looks out on an overgrown field where families occasionally walk through and explore the little wooden gazebo. On the opposite wall there’s a fireplace–unfortunately artificial, but still comforting on grey rainy days. The room is filled with antique desk stalls that give the impression of total privacy and separation within such a public place, and its couches and chairs completely absorb you, encouraging you to stay and read for awhile. The whole room has a tangible creative energy to it, and the only sounds are the clicking of laptop keys, the scratching of pens, and the turning of pages. It’s truly a writer’s paradise.”

“When first approaching this question, I visualized more of a mental space: if I could have a “writing space,” per se, it would probably look similar to Rapunzel’s tower in Tangled. I would start out with blank walls everywhere with buckets of paint and bundles of brushes, then I would decorate the walls with inspiration. To me, writing comes in all forms, whether it be artwork, letters, music, film, etc. With the tools I’d have available, I can make anything come to life on these walls, even though it logically doesn’t make sense for music to be painted on a wall. But if I could, I would do it, and I would live in this space for a majority of my lifetime.
Inspiration is the most vital part of a writing space, and, mentally, my writing space would be full of craze, color, and wonder, where there is always room for more pictures and more writing to be painted. An infinite wall, you could say. Physically, my writing space would probably be a desk with a computer, some peanut butter on the side, and a large window in front of me so I can observe the outside world and draw inspiration from there. The computer is for my writing, because I write faster when I type, and the peanut butter is my guilty pleasure, which for some reason helps me think up new ideas and stories.”
– Chelsea, from 100 Ways to Write who contributed to my blog recently

“My writing space? I’m not exactly sure. When I start writing, I go into the zone. No distractions, no music, nothing. Just me, my computer, and my noise cancelling headphones. But I guess that’s still a place. A space where it’s me, ranting and typing like a mad scientist in a over-dramatic science fiction movie. In my head, it’s just a black background that canvasses everything. The only thing visible is my workstation and me. Plugged in, focused.

For me, writing is simple. Since I started debating in high school, making up long rants and speeches on the fly became fairly normal to me. I was somehow able to translate that to my writing. Things that I write are impromptu and are based on a single train of thought that deviates into different places that then organize themselves in my head. And I guess that’s reflective of the space I’ve imagined. Just me, in focus, the most visual things happening are the ones in my mind.
My space? It’s wherever I’m thinking. Wherever I have visualized a goal or topic I want to write about.”

Look out for my take! Coming soon!

  • inspired by this post from Live to Write – Write to Live

My buddy Jamie showed me this:



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