My ideal writing space!

source: s-ensitivus

-based on this previous post in which I compiled a handful of writers’ responses to the question: what would your ideal writing space look like?-

Walk into my ideal writing space. The first thing you’ll see is what’s outside. Not because my ideal writing space is situated outdoors, but because there’d be a huge window overlooking a city, with a view high enough to see for miles, but low enough to see individuals milling around streets, going about their daily lives. You will never see the same thing once, and you will watch thousands of lives cross paths everyday.

Walk in, but don’t bother paying much attention to the walls. The fact that I find inspiration to write in cafes, on buses, at subway stops means that the physical details of my writing space are relatively unimportant. There won’t be any inspirational art; I could only stare at it so many times before I run out of thoughts. Maybe a motivational quote about writing or perseverance.

I might not be there if it’s daytime. I do my best writing in the evening, after a long day, with tired legs. But after sitting down with a large snack, my fingers would suddenly wiggle to life, teeming with opinion.

Your heart beat would speed up a little, as if you were sitting in the corner of a busy café. I am most prolific when I’m pressed to follow along with the pace of everyone who races in and out of a coffee shop. The customers would chatter moderately, and my fingers will chatter similarly to the keyboard, communicating ideas that have built up over the day.

Other cool features of my ideal writing space would include:

Fridge full of snacks: chips and salsa, dark chocolate, cereal, pudding, applesauce

Bomb-ass sound system

Moderately comfortable chair – nothing fancy like a swivel

Lots of notebooks of all sizes and styles, because that really matters!


What would your ideal writing space look like?

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