Guest Post: Listen to the Children!

So this is a recent article that my Italian friend introduced to me. It is a PSA, and I encourage you to watch the whole thing:

This is a pretty popular video, now, which is impressive considering it’s only been out for a week or two. Honestly, I really like this experiment they did by asking young boys to do something that some adult men are more than willing to do: slap a girl.

And, these are the moments when I say that adults should listen to children.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a PSA for relationship abuse, and it’s very good at displaying it’s message. This is different. This is strong. And this is something that is very difficult to argue with.

If a little kid is capable of not hurting a girl, whether he is in a relationship with her or not, then why should you have the excuse to do it? Because you’re older.

Yeah, well, that’s not an excuse. Obviously, a lot of people enjoyed this, considering that it received almost 20 million views. You listen to the little boys talking and giving reasons why they won’t slap this girl, and their reasons are so simple that they make more sense than any relationship violence speech I’ve heard in a lecture:


“Why? ‘Cause she’s a girl. I can’t do it.”

“Because you’re not supposed to hit girls.”

“I don’t want to hurt her.”

You should also know that Italian boys happen to be some of the most flirtatious people in the world. And, if you think that slapping a girl makes her like you more and is your version of “flirting”, then you’re just wrong.

But, the phrase, “I don’t want to hurt her,” is so genuine, because it brings up the question to the world, “Why do you even want to hurt her?”

Now, there have been many responses to this video, and if you look in the comments, they’re not considered to be very good comments:

“Why did he not slap her? Because she didn’t do anything to him. In any other scenario, it would make sense to slap her.”

“This video is retarded: convert to feminism.”

“This video is stupid. Children tease each other all the time.”

You see, some of these comments aren’t really responsive to the message that the director of this video was trying to claim. Children, of course, tease each other all the time, but the PSA isn’t directed at children: the audience is actually adults or anyone who is in a significant relationship. The first comment that I quoted above is rude, first of all, because whether you are a man or a woman, you don’t deserve to be slapped or hit: the comment presumes too many things. The second comment is ridiculous, because even if you are a feminist, you don’t have the right to slap a man either. I addressed the third issue at the beginning.

That’s the point, though: I could argue all these points and they can keep arguing back with me (by the way, don’t ever comment on YouTube videos with radical statements because you will inevitably be argued with). To me, this video gives a very strong message and is applied to everyone, whether or not they are extreme feminists or conservative stay-at-home moms: relationship violence should stop.

What do you think of this video? How would you react to a situation or social experiment like this one?


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