Apply your passion to the world around you

Source: biocanvas

It’s difficult to conceive how anyone could be excited about something like engineering, or chemistry, or biology. But I have met people who truly live and breathe for science.

How do you know this? For one, you have conversations with people and listen to what they have to say. They’ll describe their love for biology, and you’ll fire back that politics would be more important because you could actually engage with people instead of looking through a microscope all day.

They’ll retort by arguing the importance of understanding what people are made up of before trying to understand how they function in groups and organizations.

In a conversation like that, you’ll be able to detect in their voice that they really believe in what they are saying.

I had pretty much that exact conversation with my friend Lisette a few weeks ago. I remember walking down a road together at night, talking about how our interests balanced each other out.

If someone can describe the world from their interest’s perspective, if their worldly approach can be reasonably explained through the eyes of whatever they are passionate about, they’ve found it, and virtually nothing can stop them.

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