Guest Post: A Letter To My Thirteen-Year-Old Self


Read mine!

Dear 13 year old self, 

You cannot sing. Give up now.

Don’t stop reading lots and lots of books, but you have to pay attention in class. 

Being fiercely independent is something that’s good, just don’t be an island. Try and make more meaningful friends. It’s not fun to always be a lone wolf. 

Take everything a little less seriously, the B you got on your algebra test will not stop you from getting into business/law/medical school. 

You’re going to love debate at the beginning and hate it at the end. Just quit when you start to hate it, it really is not worth staying.

You have to learn how to deal with stress better, you cant stop eating food, you will get sick and end up more stressed.

Find other music to listen to, I know Taylor Swift is great, but you have to expand your horizons. 

Her cancer doesn’t come back, hopefully knowing that will ease the myriad of sleepless nights. 

Breathe easier. Worry less. Have more fun. Get into some trouble, you’re too much of a straight edge. 

Boys will become males or men or whatever, follow the motto “ill cross that bridge when I come to it.” Preempting emotional nonsense will get you nowhere except your room crying to said Taylor Swift. 

There’s a fine line between being egotistical and self confident, err on the latter. 

Stop being a people pleaser, it really won’t get you anywhere. 

I know it tastes good BUT DO NOT start drinking coffee.

7th grade is really rough, it gets better. Rethink that haircut, it really doesn’t look as good as you expected it to. 

You’re not going to do all the things you wanted to. You won’t go the places you expected to go. It’s going to be ok. Breathe, and have faith you’ll make it there someday. 

Hillary will be your idol 5 years later. 

Oh-your handwriting will really never get better. For the sake of everyone else-type things more.

Last and most importantly, avoiding things will bring you nowhere. Face issues head on, calmly and with confidence.  


your not so god-forsaken 18 year old self (KJ)


  1. lizadeeza

    Really enjoyed this, funny and sad at the same time. I remember wayyyyy back … 7th grade was pretty much hell. And I had one of those unfortunate haircuts that backfired on me BIG Time : /


  2. Edward Lafayette Icarus Templar Edison

    I feel like I am intruding by reading something so intimate. As someone who really hated parts of his 7th grade year, I find it comforting that I’m not the only person who was insecure about it.

    Thank you.


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