4 Ways To Force Yourself to Stay Humble

naked dude

1) No Makeup Mondays.

I’m trying to commit to this in college, and it’s going pretty well so far.

It’s not a complete solution to my insecurity, but hey, it’s a start.

2) Eating by yourself.

Lots of people do it; at the dining halls here, loners eat in front of a TV together. Everyone’s on their phone (this bothers me), and I try to force myself to just sit and eat my food.

There’s no shame in eating alone. Not everyone has the time to wait for a friend…some of us are in hurries to get to class; we just need something in our stomachs. 

3) Ditching your phone. 

There is something interesting about sitting in a classroom before the rest of the class files in, or sitting on a moving bus with nothing to do, but resisting the urge to fiddle with your phone.

Why not just stare straight ahead or take the time to look at what’s around you? Who knows, maybe you’ll strike up a life-changing conversation, or you’ll realize how pretty that lamp in the corner is, how come I’ve never noticed it before?

4) Being a novice.

Take new classes in college, whether it be German or a hip-hop instructional class once a week. I like to remind myself that I am in no way perfect, that I am not done maturing, and that everyone I’ll ever meet is so much better than me in so many ways.


  1. heartonmypage

    I so wish I could do no make up mondays. Having red hair makes that near impossible. I love articles like this though, just stating the fact it is okay to be alone, it is okay to not be texting. Also, the new class thing is genius. When I took french for the first time my eyes were open to so many new people. It gives you a kind of inspiration. Allows you to become more dynamic. Love it!


    • catdiggedydog

      I feel you! Sometimes as an Asian I envy other girls who have such thick and long eyelashes and mine will never naturally be like that. What about red hair makes no makeup Mondays hard? I don’t understand. But yeah, definitely being humble helps you also maintain a healthy self-confidence. Have a great day, girl :)


      • heartonmypage

        Because! My eyelashes are super blonde, so when I have no mascara on my eyes look albino. My face is super pale haha. It’s just hard. My eyelashes are pretty long, but no one would ever know if I didn’t have mascara on haha. And no girl! Asians are so pretty, yall don’t ever have to worry about makeup!


        • catdiggedydog

          Ohhh! I got you haha seems like we struggle together. Yeah I sort of regret getting into the makeup habit kind of early. If I had started in college I would gradually build my way up and not become dependent on it but I started in high school and it’s become a sort of daily habit for me :(


  2. Charlotte

    This is such a cute article – I love your writing style and I love that you’re one of the few that looks at things in a different way – you don’t need phones all the time to be happy, people!


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