You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide


I don’t know why we think it’s worthwhile to deal with every one of our problems. Why do we always have to call it running away?

Are we superheroes? Can we emerge victorious after every struggle with the enemy?

Are we rubberbands? Can we snap back in place after being stretched thin?

No, we are humans. We aren’t built to overcome every obstacle that life presents to us, and this I realized the other day.

Last year, I met someone who made me miserable, but in the most unconventional, sneaky way, leaving me with insecurities and self-doubt.

Do I need to accept this kind of treatment? No, and dealing with an issue like this is unproductive, essentially a loss-loss situation.

What do you do?

You cut them out of your life, in the most non-confrontational way possible.

You just refuse to acknowledge their existence, or whatever it is that causes you pain and misery. I did just that, and I didn’t even notice the difference that it made in my life when I cut them out like a wart on a potato…

until someone reminded me of their existence a few days ago, which is when I came to this realization.

Life has been much less stressful, even if it took me this long to notice.

Our lives are limited enough; we can’t live them half-heartedly.  The future always comes before we’re ready to give up the present.

In our lives, there are too many people we call friends that we don’t really see as friends. Toxic…frenemies, people who are nothing really but a facade.

I have someone of these. It took me a while to realize, but I have a few of them. It’s unrealistic for me to say that I can just cut them all out of my life without “repercussions” or “collateral damage,” because I don’t live my life in a vacuum.

But it’s something to consider.

When I was in middle school, someone’s personality bothered me to the point that I cried and told my mom about it.

I told her that I would just break the friendship, that I couldn’t handle interacting with someone so aggressive.

She sympathized with me, but told me this fact:

You will hate someone for a trait you think is unique to them, but in life you will encounter others with the same trait. You will have to live with them, work with them, and walk side by side with them.

This is not something you can escape. You must confront it head-on.

I realize now that she was completely right, and since them I have no only accepted this particular individual as someone whose personality mine does not meld with, but I have learned to overcome it, and not let it bother me.

What used to bring tears to my eyes, I now dismiss as a minute nuisance.

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