at night, my mind wanders

into uncharted territory

it trespasses onto private property

it tiptoes past safety guards protecting

enforcing a barrier between what i want to feel and what i need to feel

in the daytime,

exists order

exists a chronology

exists a schedule to follow, every hour on the hour

at night, though,

i’m gotten.

the machines turn off for the day

their incessant hum in the background fizzles out into nothingness

and i realize just how quiet the world can be

nothing to distract

and my mind has nothing to do but wander

wander in and out of what-ifs and even-ifs

daydreams and nightdreams set themselves apart

and as comparison is the thief of joy,

so too is creativity to be the bane of my existence,

conjuring realities not really realities,

but who can tell?

certainly not i.

my body falls into a restless slumber

the sheets will never stay smooth

and my breaths become more lengthy and scattered,

my mind races to infinity,

rejoicing at its newfound freedom.

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