Chill Saturday routines give me a reason to wake up

Last night, I went to sleep relatively early. It was around 1 AM. For once, I didn’t go to sleep with my phone. I chose to leave it on a table on the other side of room, and didn’t bother to charge it; I had nowhere to be the next morning.

And that’s the most glorious feeling, you know? Sure, some days I’d like to have some big event to look forward to, but once in a while we need a sleep-in day. We need a relax, a chill day amidst the chaos that is our life.

Today was one of those days. Woke up to some alarm that I’d set the day before (on accident or on purpose, I’m not sure). I drowsily disabled the alarm and threw myself back in bed. I woke up an hour or two later, naturally. No one came in to wake me up; in fact, the house was empty.

I’m one of those people who can tolerate other’s presences in small doses. I generally like to be left alone, and the setting for this glorious Saturday morning was picture-perfect.

Woke up around 10:30, threw open my windows (or pulled open the blinds) to a…cloudy, rainy morning. A light drizzle, that I didn’t notice until I stared hard out into the street for a few seconds. The gentle pour reminded me a little bit of my favorite line from a Purity Ring song, so I started blasting it from my speakers as I brushed my teeth and didn’t put on presentable clothes.

Ate breakfast. It wasn’t a rush-rush process; I didn’t have to eat most of it on the car as I hurried to school. Chocolate oatmeal (the only way I can eat oatmeal), naked chai tea, and a sliced apple. Felt almost like a complete meal.

Remembered that I had homework. Checked online and started slowly working on my econ project, which is due in two weeks or so. It felt really good to actually work on something ahead of time. Gave me a sense of preparedness; I know that when it comes time to turn this thing in, I’m not going to feel rushed, as I often do feel.

Settling into the groove of an empty house. Pulled out my laptop and routinely started checking emails, Facebook, Youtube, and the whatnot. My phone now has 30% battery and I couldn’t care less. I have a candle burning gently on my desk, throwing shadows onto the wall, visible through the corner of my eye. So far, I’ve consumed two cups of tea and one large, 32 oz. Nalgene bottles of water. I’ve burned 5 matchsticks since last night, and the drizzle is still coming down lazily. Some really chill music is playing in the background, and for once in my life, I don’t feel rushed.

Chill Saturday routines give me a reason to wake up.

We need another day between Saturday and Sunday.

Chillest song of the moment:

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