A pep talk for your December

It’s the weekend after Thanksgiving, and the beginning of December. More importantly, this is YOUR December. Can you believe that we only have one more month until 2014? Do you remember the resolutions that you made for this year? Are we at all closer to our goals?

No matter, because December is a special time of year.

Students, this is the time where winter break is fast approaching and you can almost imagine yourself sprawled out on your couch with food, watching TV, but with one last, minor hurdle to overcome: exams…

I mean, it’s the struggle that we encounter every year and it seems like there’s an annual crawl to the finish line where we get presents and good food and free time. Don’t get lost in the holiday spirit though; focus and set your mind to what can be done. Is it just me, or do we learn a little something new every year? We learn not to procrastinate as much, how to balance tests and not lose steam. Yeah, don’t forget this year to push through and finish first semester strongly. End 2013 with a bang, and don’t go out with a fizzle?

It’s so easy to just give in to all of the temptations of November, with its cozy, Thanksgiving, too-full-to-move mood. But you’re better than that.

A poem, by anonymous:

Success is failure turned inside out,

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt.

Does that mean that in the midst of doubting our abilities and strengths, therein lies the motivation and hardwork that we are looking for? If we follow some path and stick to it, are we bound to end up somewhere we are proud to be?

Because at the end of all of this hardship awaits the holiday season, and if you haven’t gotten into that mood yet, you will soon. After Thanksgiving, the radio stations finally start playing holiday music, and it’s finally socially acceptable to blast “Feliz Navidad” from my car…

Ugh, and I’m a senior this year too. It’s a small detail that dictates the way my life operates now, in this constant “almost there” mentality where I see every event as my last. Even if you aren’t a senior, there’s always some aspect of that mindset that affects your decisions and actions.

I know lots of my friends are going to get college decisions around this time, but don’t forget that you aren’t destined for one college. Wherever you go, whatever you end up doing with your life, there is always the potential of making absolutely spectacular with what you are provided.

So how should we approach December? With vigor, with a “come at me bro” attitude that throws off your teachers and your peers, because we are badasses that can somehow balance our non-academic lives and our grades, all with ease.

And a little message to December:

December, please be kind. Be merciful, and don’t forget that we’ve spent the past few months trudging an uphill battle over fallen leaves that don’t provide stable footing, shivering in scarves and numbed by the cold.

And if all else fails, we always have Kid President (how long until I can start voting for him?)

But I like upholding traditions, so here is my music pick of the moment:


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