This Kid I Know: Eileen

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Eileen has been and probably always will be my best friend on Snapchat, largely because we send low quality selfies to each other about how hard BC Calc is; however, we’ll take a decent looking selfie every now and then. I’ll filter it and bazam, it will be socially acceptable to post online.

When I met her in 6th grade, I’d mistaken her name to be Irene, because of my mom’s Chinese accent. I got over it in about a day, but she will always be Irene to my mom. She used to tower over me at a staggering five-foot, three-inches, while I was perhaps five-foot, one-inch. However, over the seven years that we’ve known each other, I’ve shot up half a foot and she’s made about two inches in progress. :) It’s gotten so ridiculous that I’m still taller than her even when she’s in heels.

Is anyone aware that Eileen and I used to be debate partners back in the day? That’s right! I was the 2N, and her and I would spend the night before a tournament brainstorming clever cross-ex questions such as “how much does the plan cost?” and “what does this acronym stand for?” with equally clever follow up questions like, “if you don’t know what NPC stands for, why should you win?” We did fairly well in junior high debate.

Once upon a time, Eileen ventured away from Taylor Swift and the Black Eyed Peas and found herself in South Korea’s K-pop land, and since has never found her way back. That’s alright though, because the South Korean culture has also infiltrated her taste in TV, and she watches lots of Korean dramas, the only one that I’ve ever watched being Boys over Flowers, which was, by the way, phenomenal. I’ve got about 15 K-pop songs on my iPod, so good for you, Eileen. :)

If you go to see a movie with her, she’ll cry if it’s even remotely emotional. Like me, she doesn’t talk all that much which is absolutely fine because I don’t like it when people talk and ask obnoxious questions, which makes her the perfect movie buddy.

Meanwhile, her taste in the cat t-shirts at Forever21 and such is so high quality, she is the ultimate shopping buddy.

At the end of the day, I’ve known her since day 1 of 6th grade, and she’s changed so much before my eyes, and I’m sure I have as well.


This though:


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  5. Rosh

    Good tribute to your friend Eileen, who I am assuming is Korean. Happy birthday Eileen! I’m a Canadian teaching kids in Korea and trying to understand K-pop and Korean dramas. I’ve lived here for 10 years and still have so much to learn. I’m fascinated with learning about your experience as a Chinese American.


    • catdiggedydog

      Eileen is actually Chinese, but she just loves K-pop and Korean dramas! Also, that’s awesome Rosh that you’re doing that. The cultures are so different and unique, right? Well if you have any questions about my experience, please ask :) Have a great day!


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