Top 4 Youtube Food Channels

sorted food

If I’m on Youtube, you might find me listening to music or watching videos of sleeping babies, but most commonly, I will be watching food videos.

Sometimes people don’t understand why I watch them…

Why would you purposely torture yourself like that? You’re never going to try these recipes out.

Sure, that might be true in 99% of instances, but 1% of the time I am inspired to make something, and that’s what makes the difference; it’s the same reason I have a Foodgawker app on my phone.

When conventional cooking becomes unconventional, it catches my attention and I find myself looking forward to new videos throughout the week. If you’re tired of conventional stay at home wives using expensive kitchen appliances and ingredients to create a false expectation about what kind of food everyday people like you and I can create, then read on.

4. Sorted Food

These are four British boys (Ben, Jamie, Barry, and Mike), only one of which has any sort of training in cooking; the rest help out in the kitchen. The quartet tackles all sorts of recipes, simplifying them so that the majority of the population can follow along and understand.

Their channel has branched out and they’ve come such a long way; I think they’ve been featured on a multitude of other cooking channels, including Jamie Olivers’, Tastemade, and Body Talk Daily. I come for the food but I stayed for their approach to said food.

Each video is filled with humor and the guys poking fun at one another and making discreet jokes to the viewers, but they also present a final dish at the end, which always looks delicious at its essence. But lots of channels can provide scrumptious-looking food, right?

Sorted Food stands out to me because they listen to their audience. They take their opinions and requests into account, tweaking their recipes to the viewers’ liking, and that’s not something that I see everyday.

3. Bondi Harvest

This guy lives near an Australian beach and has his own restaurant, but his recipes are so simple.

He goes surfing and then decides to cook for his audience, using his hands, squatting in the sunshine and squinting into the camera.

Basically, he reduces food down to camping gear, introducing to us fresh, basic ingredients. With his ponytail and his tanned physique, he casually introduces an approach to food with which I’ve fallen in love, which I can best describe as “life-enriching”.

2. Tastemade

This channel allowed me to find most of my favorite channels, including Bondi Harvest, Byron Talbott, and Sorted Food. This entire channel has such an enthusiasm for food ; I remember the first video from this channel that I ever watched. It was an ad that played before a video for an ice cream sandwich milkshake. That 30 seconds made me salivate so much that I clicked on the channel and I have never gone back.

In case you didn’t know, Tastemade is essentially a bunch of food-lovers coming together, a mesh of different personalities. It’s wholly professional but cultivates a certain excitement about food that I’ve just never felt before. My heart skips a beat when they post new videos.

1. Brothers Green


THESE DUDES ARE FREAKING HILARIOUS. Two dudes, brothers, I think, in college.

They address the perplexing but completely real issue that pertains to the majority of Youtube’s audience, that young adults are without the money necessary to buy hundreds-of-dollars worth of grills or ovens.

These are dudes who take basic skills, really cheap ingredients and cooking appliances (Foreman grill?) and show us realistic food hacks with foods like ramen and tortillas.

For struggling American college students and beyond, they provide an eagerness for food that is very much so contextualized in their upbringing, which I read about in a free eCookbook that they sent me.

But what I love most about these dudes is that they appear (keyword appear) high or drunk in pretty much every single video. Whether or not they are just like that in their everyday life or actually high/drunk is indeterminable, but that’s the humor. No one can prove anything, so it’s just a big middle finger to the system. Me gusta.

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