This Kid I Know: JJ

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If JJ is ever being sassy, humble him by reminding him of how we became friends. It’s the funniest story ever and whenever it comes up between us, he just burrows his head and changes the subject.

How did we actually meet? We met long before we became friends, as we were in the same group for debate camp in the summer of 2012. We didn’t interact much and were barely on acquaintance status.

My first impression of him was not very exciting; I just saw him as another person out of many that I met that summer. But the thing is, all of my first impressions of people are wrong. Dead wrong. Always. Completely misleading.

Skip skip skip a couple of months, and if you want to know what actually got us to talking, you need his permission to hear the story.

Since JJ lives in Massachusetts and I live in Georgia, we don’t see each other that often. We went to the same debate camp a year later and were actually friends there, since then have seen each other in person a few times. But that’s quite alright.

JJ is exactly one of those people that I could easily talk to every single day, but I also wouldn’t be alarmed if we went three whole weeks without talking. It’s easy to pick up a conversation with him right where it ended off; exchanges with him naturally flow.

And I never know what to expect from him…The conversation could start anywhere but always ends up veering off into one of two very opposite directions: very funny, or very serious.

When it’s funny, it’s like nothing is held back; all of the world’s sarcasm comes to gather in our discussions.

When it’s serious, it’s a heart-to-heart filled with brutal honesty, blunt frankness with each other and ourselves.

What sets JJ apart from others is his sagacity. His wisdom is unconventional and timeless; I don’t intend this to mean that he’s necessarily book-smart because I’ve never been in a classroom with him before.

What I mean by sagacity is just this: he seems to get the world, the reasons why people do what they do and say what they say. He has an interpretation and an explanation for everything, even if the explanation is, there is no explanation. He has, on more than one occasion, sat down with me to talk entirely about me and my problems; I hope I can reciprocate.

He’s honestly a 70-year-old man stuck in a Korean teenage boy’s body.

When he becomes a famous philosopher, I hope he doesn’t forget that I was here! I quoted JJ before he was popular.

He will deny this, but I know it for a fact and I think the whole world should know too.

Look; if you know me, you know that I cannot tolerate jazz music at all. Sorry, but it sounds like elevator music on caffeine. But I really respect JJ because apparently he’s really good at manipulating a guitar to play jazz, so kudos to him.

But he likes to fiddle around with his guitar, which I really admire. He’s not a d-bag who brings it around with him everywhere to show it off, strum and hum in public, because no one likes those kind of people. He’s more likely to privately serenade you than announce to the whole world that he can devolve into one of the many idiots who can work a guitar.

This kid and I have so many inside jokes, and my favorites, just to boggle your mind: David So, bitch spray, and dragons.

JJ is one of the best people that I know; I’m so happy that he finally let me write about him on my blog.

He’s 18 today, and he can FINALLY order things from AS SEEN ON TV. I know that’s what he was most excited about.

One of the few k-pop songs that I not only tolerate, but am fanatic about:

David So (singing???):

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