My Life is Monotony and I am Doing Nothing About It


Where I work, the line can sometimes grow to stretch out the door, especially on a Sunday afternoon.

I immediately learned the importance of efficiency, speaking quickly to customers, having a pen ready before they’ve realized that they even need one…efficiency drives productivity.

As the assembly line chugs along, the rays of the sun grow thinner against the wall and natural lighting wanes.

Every customer is a different version of another, and on Sunday afternoons the process essentially repeats itself, over and over again.

One day, during a lull in line traffic, a group of young adults who had clearly never been to our bubble tea shop came in, milling around, looking at the menu.

If they’d approached me with questions, I probably would have answered somewhat mechanically, my responses as succinct as possible. To me, they would be just another item on the conveyor belt.

But instead, I watched another employee greet the, chat about drinks for well over half an hour, and foster their love of bubble tea, giving them samples to try. By the time they left, they were all on first-name basis.

I stood by, wiping trays as I normally would in my downtime.

What happened that one day got me thinking.

My life is monotony, and presently I am doing nothing about it.

My life is monotony, and I have nearly let myself forget what it’s like to go out of my way to induce change, however small or large.

We can induce change by engaging with other people.

It is through this engagement that new friendships are created (based on a true story), story content for parties is accumulated, and monotony is broken.

Sticking to ourselves only gets us so far.

Sticking to the daily routine is what prompts boredom, it’s what drives people with 9-to-5 jobs insane, sitting and following the same motions day after day.

Thank you Mallika for some Chance

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