10 Reasons Why I Love the Sims

The following is a guest post from Lauren, who runs Afro Girl Talks. Check out her site!


  1. Plumbobs are shiny, wonderful joys

Like a kleptomaniac, I am attracted to the shinier things in life. After the first plumbob twirled its way onto my computer screen (and into my heart), I found that the floating gemstone becomes shinier and shinier as the years pass.


  1. My Sims can live the American dream

I rarely, if ever, use cheats to award my Sims exuberant amounts of money. All of them are brought into the world the same way: broke, dysfunctional, a little moody, and starving to climb the social ladder. I’ve been known to make my Sims live on empty lots and build their homes from scratch as they earn the money.


  1. I can make an idealized version of myself

In the Sims I can be hot at all hours of the day.


  1. I can make my idealized versions of my worst enemies

Don’t act like I’m the only one who does it.


  1. Sims make me feel pretty smart

Whether they are dropping plates in the doorway and claiming that they can’t step over them, getting stuck in elevators, or going out to play in lighting storms, my Sims always find ways to make me feel like a certified doctor, lawyer, or rocket scientist.


  1. I can have any outfit that the internet has to offer

For every pair of shoes I do not own, I perform ten custom content downloads.


  1. It makes being a teenager look easy

All you have to do is blow out the birthday candles, spin around a few times, and bam! You’re a young adult. Congratulations. You now know how to drive (even though you never started to learn in the first place) and you are suddenly way closer to dying than you expected. But the best news? You’ve never had a pimple.


  1. I can accurately assign traits to Sims modeled after my closest friends

The Sims franchise knows that people come in all types. So when I create one of my friends and choose their traits, I can’t help but squeal over how accurate most of them are.


  1. It gives my friends and me an excuse to have sleepovers.

A few friends of mine recognize that Simming is an art that exists far past a few minutes of free time at school. It follows you home. And when you create a household together, it is an unspoken rule that you try not to tamper with the family unless all friends are present. But you want to play now! So what do you do? Take your friends home with you young grasshopper

     10. Sims put their hearts and souls into everything they do

Have you ever seen a Sim dance? Or talk? Or do anything? Their faces contort dynamically and their body language is extremely animated. Honestly—what evil person really rubs their hands together and cackles? Nonetheless, the effort those little pixel people put into living reminds me that the world is still beautiful.

This song is fantastic but the Remix ft. Chance the Rapper is also pretty awesome :)


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