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10 Reasons Why I Love the Sims

The following is a guest post from Lauren, who runs Afro Girl Talks. Check out her site!


  1. Plumbobs are shiny, wonderful joys

Like a kleptomaniac, I am attracted to the shinier things in life. After the first plumbob twirled its way onto my computer screen (and into my heart), I found that the floating gemstone becomes shinier and shinier as the years pass.


  1. My Sims can live the American dream

I rarely, if ever, use cheats to award my Sims exuberant amounts of money. All of them are brought into the world the same way: broke, dysfunctional, a little moody, and starving to climb the social ladder. I’ve been known to make my Sims live on empty lots and build their homes from scratch as they earn the money. Continue reading