The Difference Between Nobles and Serfs


Since 18 years ago I’ve slowly witnessed myself oscillating between serfdom and nobility, ending up more noble than serf.

boySerfs are thrifty and don’t like to waste things and concentrate on those sort of details, because that’s all they’ve ever known. I was a kid and I liked to hoard my Rice Krispy Treats and trade them with my sister and I lived my life bar by bar, worrying only about the next immediate Treat, never more than one ahead.

girlNobility is wasteful and not necessarily bad at heart, because they are simply above that. Nobility has good self-esteem and believes that issues of wastefulness are too petty for them. They grab a Krispy from the pantry and head to their desk to work on a major project that consumes the large part of their concentration and focus.

I don’t know if the balance between nobility and serfdom as it pertains to me is affected by my growing up, or the passage of time, or the movement of location, or some combination of them all.



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